Final Event


On 15 April 2021, SEAFOODTOMORROW will host a one-day, open-door, international event for seafood stakeholders. 


SEAFOODTOMORROW is a Horizon 2020 funded project with the overarching objective to strengthen the seafood industry in Europe. Over the last four years, SEAFOODTOMORROW has developed eco-innovative solutions that support growth and sustainability in seafood production and processing and contribute to food security and safety, mitigate production hazards. The validated market-driven solutions respond to industry and consumer needs, contributing to capacity building, employment and increased consumer awareness of nutritious and tasty seafood!

Topics covered include:

Eco-innovative solutions for sustainable seafood production; Novel sustainable feed ingredients for tailor-made farmed fish and multi-trophic aquaculture; Sustainable management of shellfish production areas; Eco-innovative solutions for safe seafood production; Rapid screening for tetrodotoxins; Rapid screening for regulated marine toxins; Rapid screening for chemical contaminants; Listeria-specific bacteriophages for safer ready-to-eat seafood; Detoxification procedure to reduce PSP (paralytic shellfish poisoning); Depuration strategies to reduce norovirus in oysters; Eco-innovative processed seafood products and technologies; Sodium reduction in seafood products and economic feasibility; Tailor-made seafood-based meals for vulnerable groups, including consumer and market acceptability; Reduction of energy and water in seafood processing and environmental impact; Eco-innovative tools for seafood products; Digital traceability system for the seafood trade chain; Rapid screening tools for seafood authenticity; Benchmark for seafood quality certification schemes & labelling; eLearning Platform; FishChoice Tool and more!


Please DOWNLOAD HERE and share with anyone who has an interest in safe, nutritious and sustainable seafood!  

Page updated: 6th April 2021