For all your IP… the IPC is at your side!

Dr Johan Robbens, SEAFOODTOMORROW IPC Chair, Instituut Voor Landbouw-, Visserij- En Voedingsonderzoek (ILVO)

SEAFOODTOMORROW aims to strengthen the seafood production and processing industry in Europe by providing validated market-driven and consumer-responsive eco-innovative sustainable solutions that contribute to food security, mitigate production hazards, contribute to employment and increase consumer awareness of seafood quality and safety. Adequate (intellectual) protection of these innovative solutions is needed.

The SEAFOODTOMORROW consortium consists of a complementary group of partners from a range of academic and industry backgrounds, with different objectives. Some will aim to publish in highly ranked scientific journals, while others will focus on implementing the novel developments to stay ahead of competitors. The choice of the most suitable form of IP protection, as well as the duration and geographical coverage, depends on the results at stake and related target markets, but also the business plans for their exploitation and legitimate interests of consortium partners. An effective knowledge exploitation strategy is therefore needed to realize these different goals and objectives.


To help with this process, the Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) has been created within the project. The IPC team is composed of eight experts from beneficiaries who were appointed during the kick-off meeting, representing both business and academia:


  • Johan Robbens (IPC Chair) – ILVO (BE)
  • António Marques – IPMA (PT)
  • Isabelle Sioen – UGent (BE)
  • Ethel Eljarrat – CSIC (ES)
  • Marieke Reuver/Annette Wilson – AquaTT (IE)
  • Brigitta Raaholt – RISE (SE)
  • Ana Garcia Cabado – ANFACO (ES)


In brief, the SEAFOODTOMORROW IPC members help our consortium with the following aspects:

  • Help to identify opportunities and requirements for IP protection;
  • Perform screening and analysis;
  • Identify opportunities to exploit SEAFOODTOMORROW outputs for policy, industry, science and society;
  • Help to ensure that SEAFOODTOMORROW results are disseminated to end-users in a way that results in maximum uptake, exploitation and impact;
  • Support transfer of potential IPR underlying promising innovations in seafood processes and technologies to the seafood production and processing sector.


We are all very excited to part of the SEAFOODTOMORROW consortium, to see the project achieve its goals and improve seafood for consumers of tomorrow.

Page updated: 7th November 2018