On 31 March 2021, SEAFOODTOMORROW will host a policymakers’ meeting to showcase relevant results and outputs for future EU fish and seafood policies.

Here you can find the presentations and video recordings of the meeting. Click the titles below to access each presentation.   





Welcome and overviewAntónio Marques, IPMA (SEAFOODTOMORROWProject Coordinator)

Session 1: Outputs from SEAFOODTOMORROW affecting seafood sustainability

Sustainable management of shellfish production areasMichelle Price-Hayward, CEFAS (same presentation was given at SEAFOODTOMORROWFinal Event)

Reduction of energy and water in seafood processingIsrael Muñoz, IRTA

Novel sustainable feed ingredients for tailor-made farmed fish and multi-trophic aquacultureJorge Dias, Sparos

Session 2: Outputs from SEAFOODTOMORROW affecting food safety

Rapid screening for contaminants in seafoodMònica Campàs, IRTA

Listeria-specific bacteriophages for safer ready-to-eat seafoodAmaia Lasagabaster, AZTI

Detoxification procedure to reduce PSP (paralytic shellfish poisoning), Jorge Lago Alvarado, ANFACO

Depuration strategies to reduce norovirus in oysters, Andrew Younger, CEFAS

Session 3: Outputs from SEAFOODTOMORROW affecting consumers

Benchmark for seafood quality certification schemes and labellingHannah Richardson, MRAG

Digital traceability system for the seafood trade chain, Jean-Jacques Le Delliou, PREDELL

Tailor-made seafood-based meals for vulnerable groups, Murielle Fretigny, IDmer

Fast screening tools for seafood authenticity, Sofie Derycke, ILVO


Video recordings: Coming soon!


For more on this event, please contact Siân Astley (sa@eurofir.org). 

Page updated: 2nd June 2021