SEAFOODTOMORROW e-learning course

As part of SEAFOODTOMORROW, a free e-learning course has been developed to support those working or being trained to work in the seafood industry and improve professional skills and competencies.

The course provides information on the topics and solutions covered by SEAFOODTOMORROW including eco-innovative solutions for sustainable seafood production and processing; benefit to risk assessment of solutions; seafood authentication, traceability, labeling, and certification; and communication to consumers. It includes 20 interactive modules, containing slides, videos, quizzes, follow-up resources, and a feedback questionnaire.

The course development is based on results from stakeholder consultation and analysis that explored users’ needs, identified existing resources, and offered a clearer idea of gaps in current provision, thereby ensuring its tailoring for user needs.

You can access the course by clicking on the button below.

E-Learning Tool
Page updated: 22nd March 2021