Work package 1

D1.1: Specifications of three sustainable ingredients for salmon/seabream/carp feeds

D1.2: Fortified farmed carp, salmon and seabream

D1.3: Optimized IMTA configuration for high-quality fish and seaweed production

D1.4: Protocol to manage risks of harmful algal blooms and microbiological impacts of sewage discharges on shellfish production areas

D1.5: Validated prototypes for xenobiotics and marine toxins detection in seafood

Work package 2

D2.1: New formulations for producing two prototypes with reduced sodium level

D2.2: Semi-industrial production of selected recipes

D2.3: Efficient strategies to improve the safety of seafood products regarding Norovirus, Listeria monocytogenes and PSP toxins risks

D2.4: Legislative proposal to harvest and detoxify PSP contaminated molluscs

D2.5: Optimized strategies to save water and energy in seafood processing units

Work package 3

D3.1: SEAFOODTOMORROW Protocol for analytical platform, samples shipping and quality assurance strategy

D3.2: Database (design/setup) with TQC integrity parameters

D3.3: Solutions for nutritional benefits, safety, shelflife and optimization requirements

D3.4: Optimized/selected predictive food microbiology models and tools

D3.5: Consumer’s health impact (benefit-to-risk assessment) of solutions

D3.6: Scientific package to support WP6

Work package 4

D4.1: Specifications and requirements from end user’s

D4.2: Validation and interpretation of LCA results

D4.3: Consumer acceptance and market opportunities for eco-innovative solutions

D4.4: Business plan and economic feasibility assessment of eco-innovative solutions

D4.5: Demonstration sessions

Work package 5

D5.1 SEAFOODTOMORROW D5.1 DNA Reference Database

D5.2: Optimized authenticity tools for seafood trade chain

D5.3: Automated traceability assessment tool with QR-code quality labels

D5.4: Benchmark for seafood quality and safety certification schemes

Work package 6



D6.3: Project Video 

D6.4: Knowledge Management and Transfer Report

D6.5: eLearning module

Work package 7

D7.1: Project management portal

D7.2: Risk registration file

D7.3: 3-Months progress reports from Task Leaders

D7.4: SEAFOODTOMORROW Gender indicators and action plan

Page updated: 14th December 2020