Strategic Management

To achieve SEAFOODTOMORROW’S strategic objectives, the project tasks are broken down into eight interconnected work packages (WP1- WP8):

  • Two RTD WPs which will generate fundamental knowledge (WPs 1 & 2)
  • Risk-benefit analysis of SEAFOODTOMORROW solutions (WP3)
  • Assessment of market and environmental impacts (WPs 4 & 5)
  • Dissemination and knowledge transfer (WP6)
  • Management and coordination (WP7)
  • Ethics (WP8)

All WPs are cross-cutting and focus on optimising the safety, nutritional quality and environmental sustainability of European seafood production and processing.

SEAFOODTOMORROW is innovation-led, and effective knowledge transfer is therefore central to the successful exploitation of project outputs.   This is dealt with in WP6 through the implementation of a dedicated Data Management Plan (T6.1) and a Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation Plan (T6.3).  These are designed to maximise market uptake and impact of SEAFOODTOMORROW knowledge outputs amongst stakeholders.

Three committees have been established to support strategic innovation management, the knowledge transfer process, risk management, and the effective communication of project results to stakeholders.

These committees include:

  1. The Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC)
  2. The Intellectual Property (IPR) Committee
  3. The Communication Committee

These organisations maximise industry participation and ensure maximum impact and uptake of SEAFOODTOMORROW solutions.

Page updated: 13th April 2018