The Fish Days: a citizen-science initiative for Italian consumers

Written by Gabriele Sacchettini, Aeiforia srl,

SEAFOODTOMORROW partner Aeiforia srl, in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza, Italy) and the PiaceCiboSano no-profit association, have organised a series of citizen science events in Italy, “Giornate del Pesce” – “The Fish days”, to support both consumer engagement and dissemination of SEAFOODTOMORROW project results. Cooking demonstrations, debates with experts, and practical workshops were run in parallel with a series of ‘sensory auctions’ to tickle the taste buds!

Sensory auctions and practical laboratory organised during “Fish Days”, Piacenza, Italy © Gabriele Sacchettini

The initiative, designed to involve local citizens in addressing challenges and to ensure a sustainable seafood sector in the future, is part of a successful non-profit network established, between local stakeholders including fish restaurants, vocational schools for food and catering, NGOs, and the  University in Piacenza.

Approximately 50 participants attended each of the ten 10 interactive-experimental days and shared openly shared their opinion and perceptions of seafood consumption and SEAFOODTOMORRW’s new fish products.

“Fish Days”, Piacenza, Italy © Gabriele Sacchettin

The events were covered by the Italian media and you can look back on this inspiring event here, or browse the photo gallery on the dedicated website built for the event.

Congratulations Chiara Prontera! © Gabriele Sacchettini

Congratulations to Chiara Prontera, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, from the SEAFOODTOMORROW team. Chiara was awarded the highest possible mark for her master’s thesis on the participatory science experiment promoted by this initiative and work to evaluate consumer acceptability of fortified seafood products in Italy.