SEAFOODTOMORROW‘s Recipe Contest brings chefs together to create delicious and sustainable seafood dishes

European Commission | Research Executive Agency | News

SEAFOODTOMORROW‘s Recipe Contest covered by the Research Executive Agency, Brussels, Belgium on 11 July 2019.

SEAFOODTOMORROW brought together aspiring chefs from six European catering schools in Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal and Sweden to create seafood recipes using sustainable species in a Recipes Contest that began in December 2018.

Participants were challenged to create delicious recipes nutritionally aimed at children, pregnant women and seniors, using locally sourced and sustainable fish, reducing the salt content and enhancing the taste of the fish. This contest allowed chefs to unleash their creativity, demonstrate the potential of overlooked species – such as horse mackerel, carp and herring – and raise awareness of sustainability in the seafood industry.

The final stage of the competition took place on 1 July in Paris. A panel of judges composed of chefs, nutritionists, and representatives of the seafood industry and mass catering companies, selected six recipes – two for each target population group. These recipes will be adapted to restaurants, hotels and canteens. SEAFOODTOMORROW Coordinator, Dr António Marques, said that he was amazed and proud of the accomplishments of these chefs.

SEAFOODTOMORROW researchers will subject the winning recipes to consumer panels to collect their feedback and afterwards perform more tests in schools, in collaboration with catering companies. The recipes will then be disseminated through a digital recipe book and produced industrially.”

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