SEAFOODTOMORROW Recipe Contest chefs create modern dishes with sustainable seafood

A number of budding chefs involved in SEAFOODTOMORROW’s Recipes Contest have taken part in an all-day workshop using precise scientific techniques to elevate the preparation of sustainable fish species to new heights.

The forty student chefs, from cooking schools which competed in the Portuguese rounds of the recipes contest, were trained by chefs from Cooking.Lab®, a Lisbon-based school which specialises in the techniques of molecular gastronomy. This forward-thinking discipline within food science brings together science and art in the kitchen, to create bold and inventive dishes. The discipline is favoured by some of the world’s leading chefs, such as Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adriá.

The workshop focused on the use of Atlantic Mackerel Scomber scombrus, sourced from fisheries. The species is widely available on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, and so was a sustainable model for the student chefs to practice with.

In both interactive lectures and hands-on training, the students used enzymes to make burgers, made fish foams using specialised siphons, and even created delicious fish and vegetable-based spheres.

Not only was the workshop deemed to be a huge success both with organisers CIIMAR and the students themselves, but it also provided great insight for SEAFOODTOMORROW researchers. Improving the attractiveness and marketability of some of Europe’s less popular fish species are key aspects of the project’s sustainability goals, and creating innovative dishes such as those on display at the workshop will help to work towards these aims.