SEAFOODTOMORROW project draws to a close

The SEAFOOD<sup>TOMORROW</sup> project concluded on 30 April 2021 and will have its final review with the European Commission on 20 July. Launched in November 2017, the project has helped to secure a sustainable future for the seafood industry in Europe.

Over the last four years, the project has laid the foundations to strengthen seafood production and processing, as well as the safety and dietary value of seafood products, by developing eco-innovative solutions. The transdisciplinary partnership, made up of 19 research institutes, 12 SMEs, and 4 interest associations, published their Key Achievements Booklet in April 2021. The booklet showcases the project’s key results and innovative solutions and outlines the next steps needed to bring the results to market and as well as opportunities for seafood industry end-users to exploit and use the results.

Ensuring industry uptake of the project’s results, SEAFOOD<sup>TOMORROW</sup> partners hosted three demonstration workshops in France, Spain, and Italy in February and March 2021. Partners presented relevant results for future EU fish and seafood policies at a policymaker’s meeting in March and a final event, open to all seafood stakeholders, was held in April 2021 to celebrate the final outcomes of the project.

SEAFOOD<sup>TOMORROW</sup> has developed solutions to tackle some of the seafood industry’s biggest issues: sustainability and ensuring the safety, quality, transparency and, availability of products that meet consumer needs. New issues and challenges are continuously emerging for the seafood industry but as described by António Marques, Project Coordinator, the impact and legacy of the SEAFOODTOMORROW project lives on in the application and uptake of the solutions.