Reduced-sodium salmon products


The formulations of two different seafood products (smoked salmon and pâté) have been altered in order to reduce the sodium levels while maintaining sensory quality and microbiological safety.
The new naturally derived formulas can potentially be used to reduce sodium levels in additional seafood products beyond salmon, as well as in many other types of food.
Result description The formulas for two seafood products (salmon pâté and smoked salmon) with reduced salt levels have been developed. The new formulas reduce salt levels by at least 25 %, without losing quality of taste or compromising food safety.

For the salmon pâté, a product called Saltwell®  (a sea salt crystal with naturally reduced sodium) replaces some of the sodium chloride in the formulation of the product. Saltwell is natural salt which is a combination of chemically bonded sodium chloride and potassium chloride.

For the smoked salmon, pure potassium chloride replaces some of the sodium chloride in the formulation. High pressure processing has also been applied to increase food safety and to improve the texture of the product.

This new knowledge can be adapted to suit other food products.

Result Type Scientific or Technological R&D Result
Result owner RISE, IRTA
Target audiences Other Actors who can help us fulfill our market potential
Our needs We want to share our knowledge with (sea)food producers and to make them aware of the possibilities to reduce sodium levels in their products, which would be beneficial for public health.
Page updated: 23rd October 2019