by Maurizio Notarfonso, SEAFOODTOMORROW, IAC Chair, Spread European Safety GEIE (SPES) & Federazione Italiana dell Industria Alimentare Associazione (FEDERALIMENTARE)

You might wonder why SEAFOODTOMORROW has an Industrial Committee and what exactly it does. As an ‘Innovation Action’ project, SEAFOODTOMORROW aims to create and validate products, plans and technology that can improve seafood in Europe. To achieve this big task, a team of chemists, biologists, economists, sociologists and policy experts have been invited to give their opinion on the methods developed by our project researchers. Through the IAC, industry members help steer the project by providing their advice and guidance, based on their own or their sector‘s interests. We hope that by integrating this feedback into the project, the project outcomes will have a much greater impact.

So far, the members of the IAC have met in Lisbon (Nov 2017) and Rome (May 2018) to discuss previous experiences from business, other EU-funded projects and previous literature. Both meetings have proven useful for the project partners. As a result of the meetings, the IAC compiled an inventory of existing tools, methods, and deliverables which have been listed and shared with the work package leaders, under the guidance of Dr António Marques (Project Coordinator, IPMA) and I (IAC chairman, SPES and Federalimentare). The IAC has also developed a matrix to facilitate matchmaking between specific expertise of certain IAC member and needs of the project.

We look forward to supporting the SEAFOODTOMORROW team develop their industry solutions over the next two years.

Page updated: 16th October 2019