by IDmer and Ethic Ocean, SEAFOODTOMORROW Partners

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SEAFOODTOMORROW beneficiaries IDmer (France) and Ethic Ocean (France) are coordinating the SEAFOODTOMORROW Recipes Challenge. This competition challenges six research institutes (ANFACO, CIIMAR, IDmer, RISE, ILVO and ZUT) based in Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium and Poland, respectively, to create new and exciting fish recipes for three target groups: Senior citizens, pregnant women and children (8-10 years old).

The teams are challenged with creating fish-based recipes that are industrially feasible, economically viable and are adapted to each of the target groups. The recipes’ balance of flavours and nutrients will be put to the test. 

Catering schools will compete at national level and the top two recipes for each of the target groups from each national team (research institute + their local catering school) will be put forward into a European competition. These winning recipes will be evaluated by consumers in restaurants, canteens and by catering companies. The final recipes will be published in an e-recipe book for European distribution.

In February 2018, each of the research centres selected four sustainable species. The competition is now heating up as the catering schools develop their recipes and get ready for the European competition next year (May-June 2019).  

For more information on the SEAFOODTOMORROW Recipe Challenge please see: www.ethic-ocean.org

Watch this space for upcoming nutritious, sustainable, safe and tasty seafood recipes!


Page updated: 7th November 2018