FishChoice: a tool to assess the benefits, risks and sustainability of seafood consumption

FishChoice: a tool to assess the benefits, risks and sustainability of seafood consumption.

Press Release: 20 January 2021

An improved version of the FishChoice tool has been launched, which will support the public to make informed decisions about their fish and seafood consumption. The free web-based tool provides users with information on the benefits and risks, as well as seafood sustainability, and is available in 25 languages.

The first concept of the tool was created within the ECsafeSEAFOOD project.  The latest version, created as part of the SEAFOODTOMORROW project, guides consumers to gain the most nutritional benefit from their seafood consumption, while reducing exposure to chemical contaminants. The tool also helps consumers to make sustainable seafood choices based on the origin of produce and fishing methods used. A version of the tool has been designed for the general public, while a second version is specifically tailored for nutrition and health professionals, industries and researchers.

The FishChoice user selects the country, and based on this selection, the tool shows the most commonly consumed seafood species in that country. New and improved seafood products also developed in the SEAFOODTOMORROW project, such as fish soup, fish pâté or smoked salmon, among others, have also been included. Once the weekly seafood menu has been selected together with the population group, the user can browse the results tabs corresponding to the intake of nutrients and pollutants, as well as sustainability.

The tool compares the intake of nutrients and contaminants with the corresponding recommendations set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). FishChoice warns the user if their intake of nutrients is below the minimum recommended or above the maximum tolerable intake of contaminants. Finally, FishChoice provides tips in traffic light format to consume seafood sustainably, such as whether a species is endangered, or what type of fishing avoid or prioritize.

An app for the tool is currently in development, and will be available for iOS Apple and Android users in March 2021.

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This tool was developed at Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, the as part of SEAFOODTOMORROW project. For more information on FishChoice, please contact: Dr. Montse Marquès (