Experimental auctions and taste tests!

Written by Sofie Lagast and Christine Yung Hung, Ghent University, Yung.Hung@UGent.be

Sensory evaluation experimental auction in Belgium ©Sofie Lagast

During this final year of the project, consumers’ acceptance of new SEAFOODTOMORRW products was studied through experimental auctions and taste tests. The products were put to the test, which included biofortified rainbow trout, seabream, carp, salt-reduced smoked salmon and salmon pâté, as well as tailor-made meals for children, pregnant women and seniors.

In Belgium, Hungary and Italy, several experimental auctions with taste tests were organised to examine consumers’ willingness to pay, and to evaluate the general acceptance and sensory properties of the products. The participants indicated how they felt about the product and its properties, including the taste, colour, and texture.

The participants engaged in a real bidding experiment and had to bid for the products at four stages:  when they first saw the products, when they were informed about the differences,  after tasting, and after they were given a reference price. At the end of the experiment the highest bidder could purchase the products at the second highest bidding price.

Curious about the findings? Come to our final event where we will present the results of our experimental auctions and taste tests!