Consumer Factsheet Series Available Online

Seafood is a good source of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, making it a nutritious food for all consumers, especially pregnant women, children, and older adults as it meets their specific dietary needs. However, seafood, like any other food type, can also be a source of harmful contaminants with the potential to impact human health negatively. Nevertheless, for most people, the overall benefits of seafood consumption (following the official recommendations) outweigh potential food safety risks.

Supporting seafood consumers to make informed decisions, SEAFOODTOMORROW has published a Consumer Factsheet Series, highlighting the health benefits of eating seafood and tips for minimizing the risks, for all consumers, pregnant women, children and older adults. The series also highlights relevant research findings from the SEAFOODTOMORROW project, including tasty recipes that meet the dietary needs of these three population subsets.

You can access the SEAFOODTOMORROW Consumer Factsheet Series under the ‘factsheet’ filter on the MEDIA page, download your copy (from Zenodo) HERE or click on the links below.

Consumer Factsheet Series: All Consumers

Consumer Factsheet Series: Pregnant Women

Consumer Factsheet Series: Children

Consumer Factsheet Series: Older Adults