Competition heats up for the European Final of the SEAFOODTOMORROW Recipe Contest

Between December 2018 and May 2019, aspiring chefs from Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland, France and Sweden, have been battling it out to create new seafood recipes using sustainable species, rather than commonly overfished species. Supported by the EU-funded SEAFOODTOMORROW project, winners from the six national contests are now preparing for the final competition which will take place on 1st July, in the culinary capital of Europe – Paris!

Students and teachers from regional cooking schools were asked to create innovative dishes, using locally-sourced, and sustainable seafood species, that cater specifically for the dietary needs of pregnant women, older people and children. Entries were judged by a panel of representatives from the seafood and food industry, mass catering companies, as well as chefs and nutritionists. The winning recipes were judged on their nutritional value, texture/functionality aspect and industrial feasibility. The national winners from each competing country will now be assessed at European level.

The winning recipes will be made publicly available on the 1st of July and later adapted for production in restaurants, hotels and canteens across Europe.

More information can be found on or follow the competition on Twitter.