Citizen science initiative from SEAFOODTOMORROW partners engages the public with seafood safety and sustainability

SEAFOODTOMORROW partners have spearheaded a new citizen science initiative in Italy which brings the public into the conversation around challenges for the sustainable seafood sector.

The organisers made up of SEAFOODTOMORROW partners (Aeiforia, UGent), and other non-profit entities, have so far held three Giornate del Pesce, or ‘Fish Days’, with six more to come. These events have ranged from dialogues with chefs and experts, ‘sensory laboratories’ where participants can learn about seafood safety and sustainability, and interactive workshops.

The events have been made possible through strong ties formed with local restaurants, schools and other stakeholders, as well as collaborations with related EU research projects and national initiatives.

As a growing global population continues to place pressure on the seafood sector, it becomes increasingly challenging to guarantee sufficient, safe production with reasonable social, economic and environmental impacts. The Giornate del Pesce team hopes that by directly involving citizens, they can be integrated within the decision-making process and participate in the co-production of scientific knowledge alongside researchers and other stakeholders.

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